Lost Daughters of Avalon (Awakenings) by J. Lynn Else

Lost Daughters of Avalon (Awakenings) 

by J. Lynn Else

My Ratings 4.5/5

After not hearing anything from their knights in Avalon for weeks, the horrible Questing Beast breaks through into the world and attacks Genie, Beth, Mei, and Whit. Their magic stirs to stop the monster, but Beth’s attempts fail. Help from Avalon arrives just in time to remove the curse and reveal a woman inside the beast who claims to be Genie’s biological mother.The four friends learn their knights had gone missing, along with one of Avalon’s queens, Viviane. An ancient evil runs amok in Avalon and the people blame the four friends, claiming they released Merlin to destroy their world. To clear their name and rescue their knights, the four friends must once again risk the dangers of Avalon. Genie, Beth, Mei, and Whit must pull together and learn to combine their powers of air, water, earth, and fire to rebalance the world they might have thrown into chaos. If they fail, the worlds of Avalon and Earth could destabilize and end life as they know it.

My Thoughts
Fantasy has exploded in the young adult category, and the past decade alone has seen some really incredible works. But with so many excellent stories to check out, there’s a chance you might have missed some of the best.

Lost Daughters of Avalon (Awakenings) 
by J. Lynn Else is one of the best fantasy book for teen or adult readers to check out — new and classic tales alike, this story have everything from fantasy to mythical creatures, fantastical worlds to magic that lives in our own reality.

Towards the end, I found some of the most beautiful words of love I've read in a while, so much that I had to stop and write them down in my reading journal. Now that I've finished the story, I'm totally sold on this fantasy and am pretty upset by what seems to be about to happen! Overall, it wasn't perfect but I definitely enjoyed this story. It's a keeper in my library for sure.

Overall I really enjoyed Lost Daughters of Avalon. The characters are fully fleshed out, the world is immersive, and I adored all the characters. The side characters are amazing.  There is so much I want to say, but fear spoiling it. If you like adventure and fantasy, I highly recommend this one for your shelf!

Highly Recommended!


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