Review : Conquering adversity one step at a time by Larry Stansbury

Conquering adversity one step at a time

By Larry Stansbury

My Rating 5/5


It's a book that encourages young people to conquer their trials and tribulations. 

A collection of essays sharing stories of adulthood, overcoming friendships, rejection, and many more, while being a black man in America. Larry also talks about several things, like being a transfer student, what it's like being black in a fraternity, and life after college. This part memoir and creative nonfiction use Larry's stories to help others find their truth, be their own advocate, and not let others take away their power.

My Thoughts

Conquering Adversity One Step At A Time is a  collection of powerful stories of lessons learned and success gained by a combination of hard work, toughness gained through often-harsh life experience. The account is poignant, personal, and gripping. I was captivated by the end of the Preface. The author reveals himself and his pain in ways that are vulnerable and engaging. For every idea and insight he offers, he has a story from his own life. This makes the book believable and inspiring. Overall, this book has potentially life-changing value for anyone who resonates with Di Blaso’s experience.

What does taking a single step mean to you? Did you walk to work this morning, or simply walk to the car to drive to work? Did you walk to the kitchen to grab coffee or take the dog for a walk around the block? You probably take thousands of steps each day without realizing it because these steps are insignificant to you.

Conquering adversity one step at a time by Larry Stansbury is a collection of essays and thoughtful and engaging real life stories.

Stories in " Conquering adversity one step at a time "  highlights the sweet and bitter truth of our society , being a black man in Amarica. Stories of adulthood , overcoming friendship , rejection and life after college.

The narrative maintains a steady pace through its scene. "Conquering adversity one step at a time" is more of like a rollercoaster of different emotions like love , care , Heartbreak , hope and dreams. You will feel the gripping effect in the writings of Larry Stansbury.

Even I got dragged up into a whole other universe while reading it.

A raw, personal, and gripping stories of courage, grit and filled with different humanly emotions.
Highly Recommended!

Larry Stansbury is an NYC-based writer. He enjoys writing lifestyle, entertainment, and sports. When he’s not writing, he is either working out, eating carbs, or dancing to the next Little Mix song. Larry graduated with a B.A. in writing and rhetoric from Syracuse University in 2018.


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