The Scarlet Promise by Sangeeta Kathuria

The Scarlet Promise 

by Sangeeta Kathuria

My Ratings 4.4/5

An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place or circumstance. This invisible red thread will never break and you will either find your way back to me somehow, or me to you.”

This is the promise that Jack makes to Esha at the end of their precious week together in London. Esha has to return to India for her wedding to Dev, which has been arranged by her wealthy parents. Aware of her cultural commitments and knowing in her heart that they cannot have a future together, their separation is marked with a single promise. The turbulent years that follow are recorded in Esha’s journal, in the form of letters to Jack, which eventually find their way into his hands and which rock his world to the core. The rigid traditions and formalities of the social world of Amritsar, in which Esha is trapped, and to which Jack has no access, may well stretch their scarlet thread to breaking point. Can a single promise made seven years ago bring together two star crossed lovers in this gripping tale, spanning two cities?

My Thoughts
Love does not come easy. It’s a struggle to accomplish, maintain, and move on from it. It’s true when they say that nothing in this life that’s worth having ever comes easy. You have to be prepared to work hard for what you want, and work even harder to protect it. The Scarlet Promise by Sangeeta Kathuria Is a refreshing tale of Jack and Esha.

I must say, Wow! this lady right here is clearly gifted in the art of story telling! This book is quite simply one of my favourite reads of 2021 till date. I'd been hearing amazing reviews about The Scarlet Promise, but just never being enticed to buy the book because I'm not huge on cultural romance. Jack and Esha's love story is one that you could say was written in the stars, right from the time they were born. I read this book with my heart in my throat the whole time. Sangeeta Kathuria blew me away with her book The Scarlet Promise. I can't wait to see what she brings out next. A Fantastic read, over the moon ecstatic I finally caved in and bought it.

I have never been one to read a book at home as I never find the time, so I always read whilst traveling but I read this book every time I had a minute to myself in and out doors. It is an absolutely fantastic read. This is the first book I have read by Sangeeta Kathuria and I am really glad I did, I absolutely loved it. An intense read with heavy subject matter that makes you stop reading from time to time, to ponder each moment. Realistically written with memorable characters and family unit that I think about even though I've finished reading it. Amazingly detailed, interwoven and a well developed story that unfolds slowly and take the reader on such an emotional journey. The dialogue is concise, honest and to the point. Well written and edited. Beautifully told, wonderfully heartfelt. 

I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending this book.
Highly Recommended!


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