Spirit Sight: Epic Fantasy in Medieval Wales (Last of the Gifted - Book One)

Spirit Sight: Epic Fantasy in Medieval Wales (Last of the Gifted - Book One) 

by Marie Powell

My Ratings 4.2/5

Two siblings pledge their magical gifts to protect their people from the invading English, with the help of the last true Prince of Wales—after his murder.

Warrior-in-training Hyw can control the minds of animals. His sister Catrin can see the future in a drop of water.

Hyw wants to use his gift to win a place in the Prince of Wales' bodyguard. Then ambush and murder stretch the gift in unexpected ways, as the slain prince's spirit melds with Hyw to help him fight back against the ruthless army of Edward I.

Catrin’s visions hold only disaster and death. She must convince the young nobleman she’s pledged to marry to help prevent the genocide she foresees.

Can the gifts be trusted? Or will their world shatter around them?

This award-winning medieval fantasy combines magic, mythology, and historical legends with the realities of 13th Century Wales.

My Thoughts
Spirit Sight: Epic Fantasy in Medieval Wales is an enchanting and enthralling novel from Marie Powell. 'Charming in every sense of the word, and deeply satisfying' (Time Out), it will delight fans of mythology, and historical legends. Spirit Sight" is a sublime, intriguing and simply beautiful fairy tale, full of compelling characters that the reader is sure to find himself caring strongly for, taking a journey most unique and exciting. The story is pure fantasy - imaginative, enchanting, and magical.

I do love this story. I love the way it is written. It transported me instantly into its world and i literally finished it within a day. The language is sublime. I felt like the characters had more to tell, but then, my imagination is still thinking about them 2 days on, so maybe that's the intention, who knows. Either way, I thoroughly enjoyed it, and would definitely recommend it to any, particularly those that enjoy medieval fantasy.

My favourite part of the entire book was the ending; it was something that I did not expect at all, but it moved me. Lastly I just wanted to say that Marie Powell never cease to impress me.. I am a fan of her books and this book was definitely not a disappointment. 

The blurb says pretty much about the books so I don't wanna go into detail and give some spoilers. So just trust me and grab a copy of this book. She wont disappoint you. 

Highly Recommended!


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