Abimanyu: The Warrior Prince by Deepak M R

Abimanyu: The Warrior Prince 

by Deepak M R

My Ratings 4.5/5

Born to Arjuna, Abhimanyu was Krishna's favourite nephew and the grandson of Indra. He was a maharathi at the age of sixteen, who was destined to rule Hastinapur. The apple of everyone's eye, why did fate so cruelly cut short his life? Why didn't Krishna save him? Why couldn't his legendary warrior father save him?

Abhimanyu is the story of a young man in his quest for love, valour and honour. Experience his struggles to become a great warrior, and join him in his quest to find his father. Exult as he finds love in Uttara and enjoys life with his family. Accompany him to the battlefield where his destiny awaits him.

One of the greatest heroes of the Mahabharata, the sixteen-year-old Abhimanyu single-handedly brings the Kaurava army to the verge of defeat but is ultimately killed in cold blood by treachery. This is also the tale of how an act of adharma seals the fate of the Kauravas.

Fast-paced and packed with action, this retelling, based on Vyasa's Mahabharata and the rich folklore of India, narrates a saga of bravery. This is the story of a devoted son, a loving husband, a father who never saw his son and an emperor whose fate stopped him from wearing the crown.

My Thoughts
Abimanyu: The Warrior Prince is a retelling of the life of a great warrior Abhimanyu the valiant Prince , son of Arjuna, the famous Pandava. All the legends are awed by the heroics of Abhimanyu and find no means to contain his onslaught. They then deploy a deadly tactic named the Chakravyuha, a complex battle formation that is impossible to break. Lord Krishna and Arjuna are the only two people who know how to break the Chakravyuha as well as to come out of it. Abhimanyu had heard the tactic while he was in his mother's womb. He knew the way to enter this formation but did not know how to exit it.

A brave Kshatriya, Abhimanyu breaks into the Chakravyuha and faces the Kaurava onslaught single handedly. A ruse is deployed to keep Krishna and Arjuna away. Abhimanyu's valour changed the tide of the war but ultimately killed by treachery and led to the triumph of dharma over adharma. Deepak M R's writing is simple and lucid. The small chapters and fast pacing narratives never feel you bored and reminds me of Kevin Missal’s books. It's a good read for mythological fiction lovers. We get to see action, emotions and many more which is well written.

Overall, Abimanyu: The Warrior Prince is a good read for me. The book is the perfect read for every mythology lover. Even a non-mythological lover can pick it up. Read on to know the journey of the Son of Arjuna, a broken man, but an unbreakable warrior!

Highly Recommended.


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