Descendants of Avalon by J Lynn Else

Descendants of Avalon 

by J Lynn Else

My Ratings 4.4/5

Genie's parents are divorcing. Her friends convince her they should all wish for them to stay together at the town's fountain. Genie thinks it's ridiculous, but what could it hurt, right?Turns out it could hurt a lot.When Beth is kidnapped, Genie and the other girls must venture through a portal to the mystical land of Avalon to rescue her. There, with the help of the legendary knights of the round table and other Arthurian figures, the friends must fight to save, not only Beth, but Earth as well. Join the adventure in this first installment of the Awakening Series.

My Thoughts
Descendants of Avalon by J Lynn Else tells the story of Genie who plans to help her parents find happiness as she found out that they are planning to get divorce, later she found herself in an unexpected paths , completely unknown journey. If you like the Arthurian legends. Well, this is perfect. Instead of it in a view of a man's eyes, it gives you the idea what a woman felt like going through this. Its incredible. The imagery this book brings, make you feel like you're not just reading the book, but you can feel EVERY single thing that's going on. And honestly, I'm waiting to read more work of J Lynn Else. I must say it's an amazingly written plot with interesting characters. Lead character Genie is charming, and a fighter and you will root her on through her adventures and sympathize in her journey. It's a great tale!
This book also re-interested me in Arthurian legends, which I had to track down so I could re-read it after reading this amazing version. Bottom line, great story that sparked further interest in the legend.

I fully enjoy and appreciate this story for the masterpiece it is. It still made me laugh, smile, tear up and be scared and joyful for the characters. Absolute want to read; an instant favorite. I think for anyone who loves the YA fantasy and Arthurian legends, Descendants of Avalon is a fine addition to their collection.

Highly Recommended!


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