Dead Without Remorse (Gilda Wright Mystery Book 5) by Diane Bator

Dead Without Remorse (Gilda Wright Mystery Book 5) 

by Diane Bator

My Ratings 4.4/5

An explosion leaves a gaping hole in the streetscape where the Nine Lives Consignment Shop and the former martial arts school once stood.

When police find remains of a bomb inside, Gilda Wright needs to track a killer before her suspects scatter like debris.

My Thoughts
When you flip open a mystery novel/series, what do you expect? Probably a thrilling tale that keeps you wondering who the culprit was. The best mystery books are those with ingenious sprinklings of clues along the way that brings out the inner detective in you. Arguably, the best feeling when reading a crime novel is being faced with a sufficiently difficult puzzle and yet still being able to jump up and shout “I knew it!” when the final reveal comes around. 

Dead Without Remorse (Gilda Wright Mystery Book 5) is an incredible mystery series ‘who-dunnit?‘ , guaranteed to make you lose sleep for a few days. For anyone familiar with Diane Bator, you know she is one of the best mystery series writers out there. And this book had so much hype around it, so of course, I had to read it. And let me tell you guys – the hype is warranted.

The chosen title is brilliant. And the cover is so eerily pretty, that gothic and typical mystery stories vibe that we used to read in comics. It’s pretty nostalgic. 

The ending stayed true to its theme, and the way the whole plot unraveled left me with goosebumps.

Truely unputdownable.



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